Homework: How to bring yourself to do it?

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For any child and even a teenager to sit down for lessons and start studying well is a very difficult task. There are too many temptations around: on the street there is good weather, a computer with the Internet, video games, social networks, new cartoons, TV shows, sit-ins with friends, etc.

Not doing homework is also not an option: you can fold a double and get a knowledge gap, which will invariably affect the annual assessment. And in general, such a knowledge gap can even make you a white crow in life: it will be embarrassing for you when it turns out that you do not know basic things from the school curriculum. Therefore, the reasonable option will be to force yourself to do the lessons. Or you can use the company's services do my math homework online.

Practical Tips

Eliminate distractions. Overburden yourself and try to limit in the surrounding things:

  • In your room, turn off the TV;
  • so that there is silence in the room, close the door to the room;
  • Turn off your computer and phone, or put it in silent mode.
  • Take the entertainment magazines away.

Thus, you will make sure that no one and nothing distracts your attention and takes time, since focusing on lessons and during homework is extremely important. The more you focus on your homework, the faster you can complete it and make fewer errors. And even a 3-minute telephone conversation (not on a topic) can knock down concentration for half an hour!

Laziness as a major distraction factor

Reback your own laziness. When you eliminate all distractions. This will undoubtedly be beneficial. But if you are overcome by laziness, then you will look for reasons for not doing anything, postponing tasks, constantly taking breaks. Systematically fight your laziness! Develop a clear schedule, the time when you will work without being distracted for a minute.

Choose a convenient place for lessons. The place of homework has a special impact on the motivation to study. But there is no universal recipe for how to find "your corner." It is easier for someone to do homework in the school library, where it is always quiet and there is the necessary literature. Someone conveniently sets up on a bed, having laid out many notebooks and books around him.

It should be noted that it is easier for most schoolchildren to set themselves up to study at a desk in their room. But if there you do not feel comfort and a mood for homework - look for new places - even a change in the landscape outside the window can positively affect your mood and desire to complete your homework.

Target setting

If you are already thinking old enough and you are distinguished from classmates by serious life plans, then the goals set can force you to take lessons. There may be several such goals: with good grades, finish a quarter, stop writing off homework from classmates, or one global goal is to graduate with honors: with good grades or without triples to enter the selected university. With the right goal, that is, you will really want it, you will perform tasks set for the house in any mood and mood. So that you do not accidentally forget about your task, you can glue stickers above the desk on which to write the goals set.

Find something fascinating about the lessons. In the lessons you can find a lot of cognitive and interesting, despite all their nudity and monotony.


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